Live audio and video broadcasts

We do live, audio and video transmissions, from our own studio or from the location.

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Live streaming video encoding

We do live audio and video studio feeds, with or without gusts, call-ins and live streaming in MP3 or AAC format (for audio), H.264 or HEVC (for video).

Live Broadcasts

We do live audio and video broadcasts, for small and medium size clients, through streaming networks such as YouTube, Twitch, LiveStream (Vimeo), TikTok, Facebook Live, Periscope and Instagram.

We use protocols such as SHOUTcast, Icecast (for audio - MP3 or AAC format) and HLS or RTMP (for video - encoded in H.264 or HEVC). We also use WebRTC, Skype, Teams, Zoom or StreamYard for audio-video or conference streaming.

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Live Audio Broadcasts

  • Live broadcasts from the studio
  • Live call-in
  • Redundant feeds
  • MP3 or AAC audio formats

Live Video Broadcasts

  • Live broadcasts from the studio
  • Multiple video cameras/video angles
  • Keying and greenscreen
  • Split screen and conferences

Encoding and Compression

  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Live delivery over the network
  • H.264 or HEVC (video)
  • MP3 or AAC (audio)

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