New Media Production and Post Production Services

For over 13 years we have been producing audio content for our agency, our brands and our clients.

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Podcast Production

Alongside Burzcast, our own Romanian podcast, which we've been doing for over 8 years, we are creating prerecorded audio content, on demand, for our clients.

OTT Content Production

Audio Podcasts

Audio podcasts are audio, pre-recorded content, distributed as MP3 or AAC files, via podcasting platforms and directories.

Our journey through the wonderful world of podcasts begun 13 years ago. With limited resources we've manages to produce the first Romanian technology and management podcast, and, since, we've remain devoted to this medium.

During these times, we are witnessing the largest and most sustained growth of audio podcasts worldwide. In the international market for podcasts, big players such as Apple, Spotify and, more recently SiriusXM are ruling the audio content delivery industry. The recent investments in audio podcast, along with an increase use of AI audio devices, such as HomePods and Amazon Alexa, show the upward trend of this environment.

By the fact that audio podcasts can be consumed passively, upon demand, mainly during routine activities, recommends this medium for massive consumption.

Video Podcasts

Mainly known to Millennials and Gen X, the video podcasts and vlogs (video logs), represent video content shared, among others, through OTT platforms such YouTube, Twitch or Vimeo.

Some "YouTubers" are so notorious that they became influencers and even grew businesses based on their YouTube channels. These businesses now supports them full time through advertisements and product placements.

One of the most notorious video podcasts, the Joe Rogan Show has been bought by Spotify for over $100 million, which signals a powerful message to the producers' that the medium has potential to grow.

Additionally, during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, professors should learn how to produce their own new media content. Their courses should be live or on demand, online. This is why professors and trainers can really benefit from this medium or form of new media.

Burzcast Podcast


The Romanian podcast about tech and business.

Produced by Razvan Burz, the Burzcast Podcast is a Romanian podcast where, among others, he brings front and center, usually in front of the mic, via audio (and sometimes video), leaders in their fields of expertise.

Through Burzcast we share the guests' stories, struggles and lessons learned, with the listeners, since the podcast's inception in 2014.


Audio Podcast Production

  • On-location podcast recording
  • Remote podcast recording
  • Host and moderator
  • Content preparation and delivery

Audio Processing and Management

  • Audio editing, processing and post-production
  • Audio podcast management
  • Text transcription
  • Intro, outro and audio effects

Live audio broadcasts

  • Live broadcasts from the studio
  • Live call-in
  • Redundant feeds
  • MP3 or AAC audio formats