About Burzcast Media

Learn a thing or two about us and what our team is capable of doing. This is how we create realities through code.

The "Who?"

We are a young, small and bold team with a passion for video games, software engineering and business around interactive and virtual media.

Judging by the projects we work on one might see that our studio has "a punch above our weight class".

We build interactive realities, virtual products for businesses and independent consumers around the world from our studios in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

We work on large, multi-year projects in an outsourcing manner, collaborating with our client's in-house team or on our own products, ranging from audio and video content to interactive, multi user, online video games powered by the cloud.

The "Why?"

We saw how video and audio augmented reality can help industries.

We are all so convinced that there's no shortage of great virtual realities ideas, just like with books, everyone can imagine something which can be then converted in interactive code.

We love puting interactive visual and audio content in front of engineers, doctors, professors, students and gamers through a myriad of virtual products.

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Tools of the Trade

Tools and products that power our business. We love each and everyone of these and keep using them for years. They are some of our many competitive advantages.

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Should you need our services, drop us a line. We have a handful of services we can provide your business with and some very interesting virtual products.
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